El Cholo Death

What Happened To Cholo Endure Right Before he Passed Away?

El Cholo Death: Since the public was first stunned by the grisly circumstances of the discovery of El Cholo’s bones over a year ago, more information has come to light. Claims that El Cholo was murdered by beating are discussed. Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación “rivals” allegedly apprehended El Cholo and took him into captivity (CJNG)….

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Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend

Who is Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend: Parker Schnabel, born in the United States on July 22nd, 1994, is a TV personality and gold miner. He became well-known after appearing on the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. Gold Rush: Parker’s Path, Gold Rush, and Gold Rush: The Dirt are his most well-known works. He was born in the United States…

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